ERP Software For Small Businesses

How To Choose The Right ERP Software For Small Businesses

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an automated solution that amalgamates and helps to manage various business processes like accounting, production, supply chain management, order processing, HR, CRM (customer relations management) in one centralized application.

The centralized collection and storage of data eliminates the need for maintaining multiple spreadsheets and documents, and makes it easy for employees to access and update or modify data with just a few clicks.

It goes without saying that implementing an enterprise resource management software solution for your small business is critical; the question remains – how will you know which ERP software is the best for you? There are after all, dozens of ERP solutions available in the market. Here is a brief guide to selecting the ideal ERP tool for your small business.

Essential Features of ERP Systems for Small Business

Software solutions are essential for modern businesses to experience smoother, error-free operations and greater profitability. With ERP solutions that have the best features for your business, they help you improve all processes and functions of the business. Ideally, an ERP solution for small business should have the following features:

Lead Management

Nearly ever business spends a great deal of resources to generate leads, and hence it makes sense to manage those leads in an efficient manner. ERP software for small businesses should have a unified lead management system that helps to analyse the expenditure on marketing and check if it helps in generating leads or not.

Inventory Management

Inventory is a critical element in any business that sells products; continuity is essential for seamless business operations. ERP software helps in efficient inventory management, and ensures that managers and owners can find products when they need and place orders to ensure no shortage.


A web based (cloud based) ERP system is ideal for small businesses as it enables access to owners and employees at any time and place. This means that even if an issue crops up at odd hours or when an employee in charge of that specific detail is away, it can be accessed and addressed through mobile devices. Smooth business operations can be re-established.

Regular Updates

Make sure you choose an enterprise resource planning software system that is automated to check the progress of your work, accounts and other operations and provide updates to you in real time. This makes management and procurement easy and efficient, and allow you to take the appropriate decisions to enhance your business efficiency.

Real-time Analytics, and Reporting

All your business data is accessible to your team for review, analysis and updating when you implement ERP software for your business. A good ERP solution must include visualizations and analysis tolls that empower your employees to create reports for various facts like inventory levels, progress, and other features and send notifications about achievements and shortfalls.

Mobile Friendly

Check whether the ERP software features a responsive design and is mobile friendly, and if they offer a mobile app that makes it easier for you to get updates or perform quick fixes when required.

User Interface

An ideal ERP solution should feature an intuitive interface with simple navigation – otherwise the complexity can drive away users to choose another ERP software. Check out the configuration, intuitiveness and responsiveness of the software, and see if the interface design is neat and uncluttered.

Technical Support

When you’re browsing ERP solutions, enquire if the vendor offers tech support so that when you experience downtime or other tech related interruptions, it can be fixed quickly.

Flexibility and Scalability

You need an ERP program that is flexible and can be customized to include modules important for your business and delete ones you don’t need. It should also be scalable so that when your business grows, it is able to accommodate your changing requirements.


Obviously. cost is a huge factor for small businesses; compare prices and the features offered by different ERP software vendors and determine which solution is the most cost effective for your business before you make a final decision.

To Wrap up

It may not be very easy to find ERP software that has all the desired components for a small business, but it’s not impossible either. IPIX ERP solution has all of the features mentioned above, and is also 100% secure. Additionally, our stringent adherence to the NDA means your critical data is safe with us – we would never share that information with anyone unless we have your express permission. So if you are looking to implement a reliable and effective ERP system for your small business, simply contact us today, and we will get back to you with details.

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